Chiropractic care

Are you having difficulties moving around due to the pain you feel in your lower back? Are you losing out of options on what to do about your aching neck, head, and back? If you are one of these people having problems with their bodies, this might be the time to talk to a chiropractor and begin your chiropractic journey. This is what we at Fullness of Life Chiropractic are doing for those who need chiropractic treatments.

What to Expect During A Chiropractic Treatment?

To ensure that you are not wasting your money on anything, here are some guiding tips that you can read to be aware of what you can expect for chiropractic treatment. 

·         Full Assessment

Chiropractors do this to identify the underlying reasons for your pain and the things that you have to do before the chiropractic treatment. Basically, we start by examining your posture, physical status, and other parts that have a connection to the pain you are feeling. We will also assess your daily routines to know if your activities affect your body pains. 

·         Spinal Manipulation or Adjustment

Chiropractors are skilled enough to perform chiropractic treatment using their hands or tools that apply controlled force to a specific part of the body that needs a chiropractic adjustment. The application focuses on spinal manipulation or spinal adjustment. This is one way to stimulate the nerve cells of the body and keep the organs, muscles, and blood flow from functioning well.

·         Routine Adjustments

This is where a chiropractor places your body in a position where you will be relieved of pain. This is usually done to those with no severe body injury. You may hear cracks and pops resulting from the chiropractic routine adjustments that the chiropractors are applying to your joints and muscles. 

How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Last?

Chiropractic treatments are carefully planned through a definite schedule. This is what chiropractors do to monitor and pursue progress in every chiropractic session. This is also the reason why many patients tend to visit chiropractic clinics twice or thrice a week. The treatment may even last for three to four weeks if the patient is experiencing severe injury or pain. Here are varying factors that will tell us how long a chiropractic treatment will last.

Mobility Levels – This will tells us how you are able to move freely after a chiropractic treatment. The activity or mobility level of a patient is one way to know if the patient has fully recovered or if there is still a need for further chiropractic treatment

Pain Levels – If you are experiencing severe pains even after the chiropractic treatment, that only means that you are not yet done with your chiropractic schedule and will need chiropractic adjustments.

Body’s Ability to Heal and Recover – This is an important factor we must consider in determining our last day of chiropractic treatment since we have different healing phases. Talk to your chiropractor regularly and inform them of your healing progress. A chiropractor will give you an assessment to identify if you are fully recovered and won’t need any chiropractic treatments. 

What To Prepare For Your Chiropractic Appointment?

To ensure that the chiropractic treatment will work smoothly and no complications will be met, you must prepare yourself before the scheduled chiropractic session. This is very important to ensure that the body is ready to respond to the adjustments and other chiropractic methods that your chiropractor will perform. 

Before going on your chiropractic treatment schedule, here are some things you must consider.

  •         Make sure you are not going on a chiropractic schedule with an empty stomach. Instead, eat some light foods that are high in proteins. This will keep your stamina throughout the process. 
  •         Being fully hydrated is a critical practice as well. Make sure to drink a lot of water before even taking a chiropractic treatment.
  •         Walk around or do some short activities that will keep you moving. That way, you can assess properly any pain or discomfort that you feel, which you can include on your report during the pre-assessment or self-examination
  •         Lastly, make yourself at ease, relaxed, and calm before proceeding with your chiropractic treatment. This will prevent any tension or pressure on your body and will definitely help chiropractors make adjustments to some parts of your body. 

What Should You Do After Your Chiropractic Treatment?

Many patients think everything will go well after a chiropractic treatment. However, the aftermath of your chiropractic treatment is a crucial part of the process in determining if the chiropractic adjustments are successful or not. Some have recovered after a chiropractic treatment but felt sudden discomfort a few days after. This is the result of poor practices and improper support habits. So to prevent these things from happening, here are some essential tips you must remember after a chiropractic treatment. 

  •         Always remember your takeaways from your chiropractor. 
  •         Proper stretching is also a must. You can also do conditioning on body parts where pain sources are still felt or do some stretching on specific muscle groups. Keeping a good posture is also a key to preventing tension in your body. 
  •         Maintain a positive lifestyle, including following healthy habits, having enough sleep, eating right, and avoiding stressful activities. 
  •         Lastly, to make sure that your post-chiropractic journey is going well and in the right direction, you have to talk to your chiropractor and report everything you can concerning your post-chiropractic experience. This is important to ensure wellness and healing progress in all patients. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Knowing the benefits of chiropractic care is also essential in starting your treatment. You have to know what you can achieve through chiropractic treatment and why you have to get this kind of treatment. So, to give some motivations, here are some benefits of chiropractic care that you have to be aware of.

  •         Relieves Body Pains

Chiropractic care provides various chiropractic services that can relieve pains in your back, neck, head, bones, joints, muscles, cartilage, and connective tissues.

Reduces reliance on pain killers or pain relievers

Studies showed that adults taking chiropractic treatments are less likely to be prescribed pain relievers compared to those just seeking medication from doctors. 

Reduces Health Complications

With proper exercise and regular chiropractic treatments, you can lessen the chances of osteoarthritis and scoliosis in the future. Various chiropractic adjustments can properly align the joints. The formation of scoliosis is also prevented since chiropractic adjustment can correct any deformity in your spine. 

More Options for Treating Chronic Pains

If you are experiencing severe headaches or chronic low back pains, getting a chiropractor for some treatment will be a much better option. In addition, there are many chronic pain adjustments that your chiropractor can recommend depending on the severity of the pain and your body’s condition. 

Improves Lifestyle and Brings Comfort

Isn’t it great to live a normal life free of body pains? If you seek immediate chiropractic treatment when experiencing early discomforts, the chances of major complications or severe damage will be lesser. With this, you can easily complete your chiropractic schedule and return to your usual lifestyle.


Chiropractic treatment is one of the best ways to treat any pain source. So, if you are experiencing tremendous pain and discomfort, call our expert chiropractors at Fullness of Life Chiropractic, your best chiropractic service in town! Call us to schedule chiropractic treatments and other chiropractic services!